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Health Benefits and Products

When we first tell people we are Vegan and live a sustainable life, the first question we always get is, WHY? The question should not be why we are but, why are you not! Our journey all started with chronic headaches. We started doing researching on how natural ways to get rid of headaches. Article after article we discovered that eating habits had a huge part of this. So, we switched out diet to a Vegan diet. As our journey and research continued, we realized how bad it was for the environment to eat meat (and honestly just horrible to learn how farms are raising and producing our meat). That turned into learning about the plastic issue in our oceans, to the climate issue, to waste issues. We saw the problem and decided we were not going to be part of the problem but, part of the change!

Health Benefits That We Bet You Didn't Know

Hold On, Going Vegan Can Help With More Then Just Losing Weight?

Being vegan has incredible health benefits. Many scientific studies have shown that there are fewer incidences of chronic disease, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, hormone deficiencies, asthma, and other diseases among vegans and that there are far more people living long, healthy lives. Some experts even claim that a vegan diet can keep heart disease away!

Many people who live an extremely meat-free lifestyle have even lost weight and significantly reduced their risk for several serious diseases, including diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and numerous other age-related ailments. It is safe to say that the benefits of a vegan diet go far beyond simply losing weight!

The Environment Says Thank You!

The environmental benefits of a vegan lifestyle have a positive effect on one’s health as well. Several nutritionists recommend a transition to the vegan lifestyle because of its improving effects on life challenging conditions, as well as maintaining the beauty of a healthy person. Did you know that adopting a vegan lifestyle will increase plant production. Plants contribute to cleaning the soil and preventing soil pollution. Studies also found that it also contributes to cleaning the air and preventing air pollution by cutting emitted greenhouse gases in half!

Don’t even get us started about Cows and how they are polluting are air. How to fix this? Stop eating the cows!

Men and Women Listen Up! These Are Specific Benefits For You!

Lets start with the men.. did you know the nutrients and antioxidants present in a plant-rich diet protect men from the risk of prostate cancer in addition to other forms of cancer. More so, a vegan lifestyle does not involve the intake of carcinogenic compounds contained in meat, which itself could be cancerous. Another one for you men, It is said that men who rely on plant-based diets are more fertile, with more and better quality sperm.

Your turn women! Did you know women who are troubled by their skin condition find that the increase in fruits and veggies helps return their skin to balance where they experience less breakouts? Did you know that having a vegan diet can help with your period and mood swings? Plant-based foods contain high amounts of antioxidants which helps in repairing and decreasing brain cell damage. Which in return help with mood swings.